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 on: Today at 08:36 AM 
Started by The Big Boss - Last post by manupete
3.35         Leicester        Red Armada     10/3 NAP

 on: Today at 08:34 AM 
Started by The Big Boss - Last post by cheeky monkey
Tueday's Fancies  glasses10

Nylon Speed , 2:10  , Huntingdon
Arty Campbellin , 2:20 ,  Hereford
Before Midnight , 2:45 ,  Huntingdon
Cresswell Legend , 3:25 ,  Hereford
Estihdaaf , 3:35  , Leicester
Come On Leicester  , 4:05 ,  Leicester    nap

 on: Today at 08:26 AM 
Started by The Big Boss - Last post by Titanic Thompson
My Daily Two  book1

   Shady McCoy       ( @ 5/2 )      15:05       Leicester

   Gospel       ( @ 11/8 )              16:05       Leicester

 on: Today at 08:21 AM 
Started by The Big Boss - Last post by sugardaddyken
SDK's .... Tremendous Tuesdays Money in the Bank Tip  Roll Eyes

     Global Heat       2:00      Leicester    @ 4/5

GLOBAL HEAT is a half-brother to five winners and was a big eye-catcher when second at Chelmsford on debut last month; he rates as the most likely winner here....PMA  Grin

14:00 Leicester
1st 1 Faro Angel (IRE0 7/2
2nd 5 Laafy (USA) 9/1
3rd  4 Global Heat (IRE) 11/8 f

3rd  icon_blackeye

Started by IPTV Moderator - Last post by sugardaddyken
You can also add Filelinked on Firesticks and Fire TV to install various IPTV Players we use !!


Started by The Big Boss - Last post by cheeky monkey
Monday's Fancies glasses10

Red Charmer , 1:50 ,  Musselburgh

13:50 Musselburgh
1st 1(1) Red Charmer (IRE) 11/4 f  Grin
2nd 9(2) Rosemay (FR) 9/2
3rd 8(6) Don't Do It (IRE) 13/2


Il Paradiso , 1:55 ,  Gowran Park     nap

13:55 Gowran Park
1st 12(9) Millswyn (IRE) 10/1
2nd 7(4) Il Paradiso (USA) 4/11 f
3rd 9(3) Loughmore (IRE) 12/1

unlucky 2nd  icon_blackeye

Bubbelah , 2:00 , Great Yarmouth NR

14:00 Yarmouth
1st 6(2) Ginger Fox 7/2 j
2nd 4(6) Queen Constantine (GER) 15/2
3rd 5(11) Molly Mai 11/1

Rainbow Moonstone , 2:55 ,  Gowran Park

14:55 Gowran Park
1st 12(Cool Art Of America 20/1
2nd 3(4) Centrifolia 14/1
3rd 11(5) Reverberation 8/1
4th 15(16) Bercasa (IRE) 11/2 f

unlucky  icon_blackeye

Reloaded , 3:00 ,  Great Yarmouth

15:00 Yarmouth
1st 3(5) Azano 7/1
2nd 7(6) Frederickbarbarosa (IRE) 7/2
3rd 1(2) Reloaded (IRE) 9/4 f

unlucky 3rd  icon_blackeye

Tarboosh  , 3:50  , Musselburgh

15:50 Musselburgh
1st 3(6) Captain Colby (USA) 10/1
2nd 6(7) Tarboosh 1/1 f

unlucky 2nd  icon_blackeye

Started by The Big Boss - Last post by Titanic Thompson
My Daily Two  book1

  Turjomaan     ( @ 1/1 )            15:00        Yarmouth   NR

15:00 Yarmouth
1st 3(5) Azano 7/1
2nd 7(6) Frederickbarbarosa (IRE) 7/2
3rd 1(2) Reloaded (IRE) 9/4 f

  Line Of Reason     ( @ 9/2 )      15:50         Musselburgh

15:50 Musselburgh
1st 3(6) Captain Colby (USA) 10/1
2nd 6(7) Tarboosh 1/1 f

unlucky icon_blackeye

Started by The Big Boss - Last post by sugardaddyken
SDK's.... Magic Mondays Money in the Bank Tip  Roll Eyes

   Anandita      1:30      Great Yarmouth    @  4/1 NR

ANANDITA has only run on artificial surfaces and ran her best race to date when tackling this trip for the first time at Kempton....PMA  Grin

13:30 Yarmouth
1st 11(4) Shining Armor 15/2
2nd 1(1) Diviner (IRE) 13/2
3rd 4(3) Jungle Juice (IRE) 14/1

Started by sugardaddyken - Last post by sugardaddyken

We can also add our Troopers playlist to any device that is compatible with Smart IPTV and that includes Android Boxes


With an Android device , when use install Smart IPTV , on the opening screen it will give you your MAC Address.

Give us you Mac Address and we will do the rest .

I have found Smart IPTV a little more complicated to use compared to the Troopers Player but many people prefer Smart IPTV.

Smart IPTV app lets you have full access for a week but after that you can be activate after a one-time activation fee of 5.49 Euros for each TV/device... If you decide to use SMART IPTV it may be best to get the app activated before you buy the IPTV subscription

Here's a site with a You Tube Video to show you more ........ How To Setup IPTV On Fire Stick / LG./ Samsung Smart TV

You have to use your Remote to maneuver around the Smart IPTV APP

Remote Control functions

General remote functions:

ОК - show channel list;
show extra tools (audio, aspect ratio, clock, external player) (press and hold);
show extra tools in channel menu (groups, favourite, sort) (press and hold);
run archive with external app (press and hold)
P+/P and Arrow buttons - navigate pages, groups and channels
UP/UPx2 - show infobar/show programme description in play mode
DOWN - channel history in play mode
UP/DOWN - change volume (press and hold)
LEFT arrow - previous channel (press and hold)
RIGHT arrow - EPG (press and hold); EPG in programme information in channel menu
Number Keys - direct channel selection
"0" - previous channel
INFO, INFOx2 - show programme information
PREV. CH. - channel history
MIC - change video aspect rati; add favourite
MENU - EPG (Electronic Programme Guide); change video aspect ratio in archive
Long press for settings and programme info in channel menu
BACK - hide channel list and info; go back to home screen
EXIT - exit the app (required to reload playlist)
PLAY - resume paused stream; open stream or archive in external player
PAUSE - pause stream
PLAY_PAUSE - pause/resume/restart stream (press and hold)
show groups in channel menu (press again to show All channels)
STOP - restart stream
<< - change audio track / subtitles; switch groups in channel menu
>> - change video aspect ratio; switch groups in channel menu
⇤ ⇥ - go to top or bottom of the channel list
RED - change audio track / subtitles; add favourite
GREEN, GUIDE - EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)
YELLOW - show/hide digital clock
BLUE - show settings

NVIDIA Shield Game Controller:

A - same as OK on general remote
B - same as BACK on general remote
X - EPG in Live mode, Groups in channel menu
Y - Info in Live mode, Sort in channel menu
Start/Options - same as PLAY_PAUSE
L1 (Left bumber) - Audio/subtitles in Live mode, Info in channel menu
R1 (Right bumber) - Aspect ratio in Live mode, EPG in channel menu

But basically once the Channels have loaded use the the OK button to bring up the Channels list ,then use the up and down arrows on your remote to find a channel you want to watch and then press OK again for the channel to play.
Press on the OK button again to bring up the list and then one Long press on the OK button with bring up a box where you can choose Info , Add Favs , EPG , Sort , All Ch's , Groups and choose an External Player . It may take the average person a few minutes to work out how to maneuver around as there is a small learning curve with this APP !!

Here is Smart IPTV's site for all the information you need ......

Started by sugardaddyken - Last post by sugardaddyken

First Download TROOPER's onto your device with either our Dropbox link or our Fiilelinked



FILELINKED  and we will send you the Code


If your device has a Browser just type in Filelinked and Download from there or use Downloader on Firesticks or Fire TV's


Use Smart IPTV on Samsung and LG Smart TV's

When you first open your Trooper Player type in your User Name and Password we have sent you , click and tick on the 'Remember Me' option and 'Login' .Your Live TV channels and other options you have order will then load ,You are now ready to use your Live TV Package. ( Please make sure you Type in the correct User Name and Password  because if you don't you will get an error message )

Go into setting and here you can find 'Player Selection', 'Parental Control' and other settings for you Trooper Player .
Please go into the Player Selection and I recommend you change the player to "Built in Player 2 "
Most Channels have Multi options so If one is not working try another.

Once you have changed the Player option you can now use the other section . Live TV , Live TV with Guide , VOD , Series , TV Archive , Settings and Account Info .

Go into your 'LIVE TV' section and here you will find the main list of all your channel option's in their various categories . In the top Right you will see 3 dots . Here you can 'refresh your Channels , Refresh your TV Guide ( but your Player should do this on start-up ) and Log out
To make a Favorites List left click and hold down for a few seconds on the Channel icon of the Channel you want to save and a Box will appear on the screen . Just click 'ADD to Favorite' and the channel will be added to your Favorites list.

Trooper's has a built in Live TV with Guide section

Troopers comes with a VOD option you can then use the 'Movies' and 'Series' section's .This is a very easy to use 'click and play' system  with over 2150 Movies and 85+  series to chose from.

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